Dylan & Joni

Our campers (Dylan & Joni) are based in Telford, Shropshire, about 5 minutes from the English Heritage town of Ironbridge.

Dylan is a doormobile conversion and Joni is a Westfalia conversion and both come kitted out with: 3/4 width rock n roll bed, 2 roof bunks, gas hob/grille, sink and split charge leisure battery so you can relax with music and the interior lighting on without worrying about draining the starter battery.

Both campers are meticulously maintained and serviced by it’s VW specialist mechanic owners, so they are reliable and a breeze to drive. But in the unlikely event of a breakdown, full breakdown cover is provided and a comprehensive kit of spares are provided for the recovery mechanic to get your quickly on your way.

Fully comprehensive insurance is also included in the price for one driver aged between 25 and 75 with a clean licence which they have held for at last 2 years.

A security deposit of £500 is required before rental commences to cover damages etc. This deposit is returned in full at the end of the rental period providing all terms are met.

Dylan and Joni are limited to 100 miles per day, this is cumulative so, if you’ve hired him for 3 days you have 300 miles total. Please terms and conditions for excess mileage charges.


How much fuel will it need?

Depends on how far and where you are driving but it averages around 20-25 mpg.

How many people can I take with me?

There are 4 seatbelts including the driver. Both campers are 4 birth.

Is there any heating at night?

There is no overnight heating. Extra blankets can be supplied if a cold spell is forecast.

Comfy to sleep in?

The ¾ bed is very comfy, the bunks are little more of a challenge but kids love them!


Can I see the scenery if I’m sitting in the back?

There is a good view from anywhere in the van and the relaxing pace will mean you shouldn’t miss much.